The Joker Rally Team brothers arrive to the Motroshow hoping to seize the 2018 R5 title. Pedro Heller is today leader of the main category in RallyMobil Championship with 124 points, while Alberto trails him on the second place with 118.

Pedro Heller had a strong beginning of the year, winning over the two first rallies of the calendar, Concepción and Los Ángeles, showing he would be a tough rival. From then on, he alsways kept podium positions, except in Frutillar, where he had to retire, and he managed to stay on the first position on the championship standingboard.

Alberto’s development was different. At the beginning of the year he didn’t think he would later be fighting for the category’s title together with his big brother, until he won his first round in Vicuña. Then he became aware of the good time he was going through. From then on he’s attained only competitive times and now, days away from the Motorshow, he has one more victory than Pedro.

The annual counting states that Pedro won Concepción and Los Ángeles, while Alberto won Vicuña, Río Bueno and Pichilemu. These results have “Drope” and “Beto” on the top of the final battle. Pedro has the upper hand and it depends only on him that, as he’s said, he goes out there giving it all he’s got; all he thinks about is to enjoy such historic day.

The Joker Rally Team is the outstanding team of the season, since it achieved the 1-2-3 in R5; multi champion Jorge Martínez is its driver on the third place of the championship standings with 110 points. The title in R5 and the Motroshow already have a last name, all that’s left to know is what the first one will be.

See you in Carén!