Pedro Heller has had a very positive year in sports and the concept that certainly describes “Drope´s” season in RallyMobil and in the World Rally Championship is evolution. Like every end of the year, the Sport Journalists Society of Chile highlights the best of the year. This time, the eldest of the Heller Bothers was put on the exclusive list “The Best Sportsmen and Women of Chile in 2018”.

The leader of RallyMobil Championship’s Standings was chosen for the automobile category, among sports people of other disciplines such as Marcelo Díaz in international football and Paola Muñoz in biking.

This acknowledgement aligns to other recognitions our drivers have received, like the one Pedro Devaud and Emilio Fernández got from La Tercera newspaper in its tribute to “The Heroes of Sport”. This confirms the value rally has gained in Chile, as never before, this thanks to our teams’ quality and hard work, and of course thanks to all the people who fulfill their tasks in allowing this activity to host visitors from abroad with Chile’s inclusion in the World Rally Championship Calendars of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Congratulations Pedro!