R5 category’s history was decided at the quarter-finals after Cristóbal Vidaurre was punished. This allowed the season’s leader, Pedro Heller, to become unreachable for his brother Alberto, who was the day’s quickest driver. Alberto Heller clinched a thrilling victory, Jorge Martínez achieved second place and Alejandro Cancio the third. 

Excitement overtook the sunny and windy weather at 2018 RallyMobil Championship’s final round, on a brilliant Motorshow day, that hosted about ten thousand people in Parque Motor Laguna Carén (Carén Lagoon Motor Park). Suspense at R5 came to an end as the new champions were crowned: Joker Rally Team Pedro Heller and co-driver Pablo Olmos (Ford Fiesta).

The eldest Heller seized the difference between scores at the championship standings, becoming invincible for his brother Alberto and his co-driver José Díaz (Ford Fiesta). The flaming champion referred to his first ever title aboard the all-wheel-drive car: “I’m glad, really, I was quite pressured at a very hard race, very special, because it’s different from what we’re used to do and anything could have happened, it was like coming here to fail, but it came out the way we expected. I had to fight against a big rival such as Cristóbal Vidaurre, and things turned out well as they had to, on the race track. It’s an historic victory for us and for the team too, since we’ve named the first three positions of R5.”