Several surprises were delivered by the Frutillar trophy on the first day, some of them during the race development and others resulting from road mishaps. Under such context, Pedro Heller was one of the most adversely affected; he crashed his Ford Fiesta against N3 Nelson Cid’s car, which waited for the tow truck by the side of the road, at a curve at the fifth stage, between Cau Cau and Ñapeco (15.4 km).

The eldest Heller has accustomed us to see him at the top of the pointing charts during the 2018 RallyMobil season, but Frutillar has changed the world rally participant’s scene, who broke his car’s hydraulic steering at the 12th km of the third stage, the 23.10 km section between Trompetilla and Pato Dos.

The mechanics fixed the car, but we decided we woudn’t restart on Sunday so we didn’t risk our participation on the next round. What matters is to stay calm and think these stuff could happen to anyone,” said Pedro.

Anyways, the Joker Team  had a great performance at Frutillar, with Jorge Martínez as the absolute R5 leader up to special stage 10 (Trompetilla – Yerbas Buenas, 13.6 km), with a 1:27:42.8 timing, and Alberto Heller on third position with a 1:28:54.8 timing.

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The Super Special Stage, Punta Larga – Frutillar (4.82 km), culminated an exhilarating and high adrenaline round.