Pedro Heller is sure about his Motorshow strategy: Enjoy the race and go at full speed. As simple as that. The R5 driver made a very good season start and even though things haven’t turned out the way he expected during the last months in RallyMobil, he’s still ahead on the championship standings and he trusts everything will come out fine according to his aims.

What do you expect from the Motorshow?

“A race that will be very interesting, something quite different from what we’re used to do. It’s a track that most of us know and it will be really important since the R5 podium will be set there; besides, it’ll have a special additive because it’s going to be streamed live and there will probably be a big crowd there. We’ll give it everything we’ve got so as to deliver a good performance and seize the championship, but the main accomplishment is to enjoy it and be happy racing that day.”

Would you rather have had the championship settled before?

“Obviously, it woul’d have been ideal if it had been settled before, but you must be prepared for any scene and the conditions are the same for everyone.”  

What do you think about Alberto as an opponent to beat?

“I’m proud of him, obviously he’s reached that place thanks to his work and that of José Díaz, his co-driver. Of course vying next to him for the R5 title leaves me nothing but having to enjoy such moment.”