If to face the Dakar, Peugeot got his “dream team” together, yesterday’s presentation of the team rescues a lot of that because it brought together two Rally Mobil iconic pilots: Jorge Martinez, eight times champion of Chile and Francisco ‘Chaleco’ Lopez, current monarch of the R2 and World champion of Cross Country Rally.

Lopez, who until now had only driven single-traction vehicles on the N3 and R2, did not hide his happiness for getting into the R5 category where he will be in command of a Peugeot 208. “The feeling has been different, you can totally feel the difference with an R5 because this car is much safer because it has four-wheel drive and that helps you a lot to correct. It also has much more power and now what we have to work on with ‘Nico’ (Nicolás Levalle) is to have a much cleaner road map, because with the speed of the car, everything comes much faster and we are also taking experience. ”

Francisco ‘Chaleco’ López

Unlike ‘Chaleco’, Jorge Martínez does have experience in all-wheel drive vehicles when he was multiple champion of the N4 with his navigator Alberto Álvarez, with whom he joins the R5. “I ran 7 or 8 years in the N4 category, which also had integral traction but besides that, the R5 are very different cars, they are more violent, extremely faster, they do everything much better and in that sense I think it´s going to cost us a bit of adaptation. Sure we will give a very nice show. Expectations? We want to fight for the championship. That is our objective “, said Martínez.

Not a minor detail is that ‘El Niño Maravilla’ was the last driver to confirm his arrival to the R5, a fact that he himself recalled: “It was complicated our arrival to the category. Thanks to Peugeot, Copec, OffRoad and Joker, we were able to achieve it. From the minute we managed to confirm our presence in the R5, we went from being concerned about adding auspices to the project to focus on everything that has to do with the car and the competition. ”

From left to right Alberto Alvarez and Jorge Martínez.

If there is someone who can talk about world events, it is ‘Chaleco’ López and for that reason, he opined with total property: “The fact that Chile is running for a scheduled date of the World Cup is very motivating for me. I never thought about getting on an R5 from an official team, in addition to the brands that sponsor me. I feel that Concepción is going to be a tremendous, tremendous test. More than going to run, I should go to feel comfortable, let go, take experience and try to be fast. ”

And now, we share a 360 ° look at one of the moments of the presentation. Slide the mouse by clicking to rotate the view.