After a long wait Benjamín Israel finally returns to R5. The delay that made him leave his category in Frutillar, endangering his participation in Vicuña, ends for once and for all. His Citröen DS3 engine journey to Chile took more than a month, but problems have already been left behind. Hence RallyMobil’s main category will showcase all of its drivers during this year’s fourth call.

“Mechanics finished off a flawless work, a very professional one, showing one of the reasons why RallyMobil awarded us last season with the Best Team of the Year title,” declared Benajmín. Let’s remember he had no choice but to compete in R3 while in Frutillar, the third round, as his engine’s damage at a practice forced him to pause his R5. Then, a new engine was acquired and got to mechanics’ hands this Tuesday.

“We got the engine late yesterday and it’s being assembled today, it should be ready any time during the day,” the driver assured. Israel has 17 points overall, which makes Vicuña a good occasion to climb in the standing board and fight for leading positions.