The Eme Racing Team driver had a day that moved him to tears at the finish line. He surpassed powerful Emilio Fernández by 3.5 seconds at the final and could finally leave behind a year filled with rather more lows than highs.

Muñoz, whose co-driver is Miguel Recalt in the Peugeot 208, has shown to be talented during the development of RallyMobil Championship, however, things didn’t turn out as he expected this season. Just a few weeks ago, in Pichilemu, Pato Muñoz became a father and his newborn child brought him luck.

After a series of elimination rounds, Muñoz was able to defeat heavy rivals at a 2.6 kilometer race track, where, throughout an excess of  dust, dirt and  water, the competing crews became increasingly complicated. But beyond external factors, he knew how to beat his opponents, pressure and tough luck, which teased him on several times along the year.

We highlight Pato Muñoz´s work because he had a complete round and because he has demonstrated once again he’s up for big stuff. Now we must wait to see whether his plans are to stay in R2 or take a step forward towards the championship’s major category, R5.

Congratulations Pato!