Things are set for Curicó to receive again, after three years of absence, the RallyMobil Championship at a round that is expected to be absolutely thrilling, specially because of its high competition level that’s been reached in R5, R3 and R2. It is now when the real 2018 championship candidates begin to emerge.

Pedro Heller arrives at Curicó as the R5 leader, with 79 points on the driver standings. But, after a really hard round in Vicuña, he approached to his closest trailer, Jorge Martínez, who now has 76 points. On the third place is Alberto Heller, who continues to grow in the championship, fact that follows a brilliant passage through Valle del Elqui roads, which put him on the third position with 57 points. It should be noted, also, that the three current championship leaders are members of Joker Rally Team.

Local star, Francisco “Chaleco” López, expects to put an end to his problems during this season. These have consigned him to the R5 championship’s seventh position, with 25 units. The Curicó trophy might be the chance for the Peugeot Sport official driver to become more competitive at the second half of the season.

At R3, things seem a little more quiet for the leader, Samuel Israel, who heads the series with 80 points and a flawless carreer. The competition is even tougher between second place, Emilio Rosselot, who gets to the Maule Region with 67 points, and Ramón Ibarra, who is very close to him and has displayed all of his experience to attain, until now, 66 points. Vicente Israel is near, a step away from getting into the fight for the podium.

R2 is almost defined, since Martín Scuncio is safe at his first place, with 79 points and stands far away from his team mate, Argentinian Martín Suriani, who is on his way to Curicó with 49 points. The podium is completed by Felipe Padilla, who has 35 points.

At N3 the situation is quite different. Jorge Arévalo managed to get the upper hand in Vicuña, making 101 points overall, and has put his hopes in Curicó, aiming to early become his category’s winner.