Brothers Pedro and Alberto Heller were the protagonists of a deep story issued by Sábado magazine, which belongs to Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. “We get into fights when we’re in the car”, jokes one of the highlighted quotations on the Joker Rally Team drivers interview.

One of the emphasis about the current 2018 R5 and Motroshow champion was put on his professionalism with which he takes this activity. They even bring out Pedro’s obsession for improving his times and hisaiming for becoming better at what he does. Alberto isn’t left behind in this competition.Little by little he has built up confidence and won races, such as the last round of the WRC 2018, Australia.

The relationship these brothers have with their father, Carlos Heller, was also present in the article. It tells about when the Jockey Club’s president thought his sons were mad for wanting to participate in such a dangerous sport. Nevertheless, they did get his support by committing themselves to not abandon their normal responsibilities.