Emilio Fernández and Pedro Devaud, both of them R2 RallyMobil Championship drivers, were nominated for the “Sports Heroes” list, a section in La Tercera newspaper that presents an award to the sports men and women that stand out the most in the season, through the vote of the people. Both drivers are part of a list of professionals that have been relevant in their fields, such as Ruy Barbosa in motorcycling, Macarena Carvallo in triathlon and Esteban Paredes in football.

RallyMobil’s effect in the last years has moved beyond the roads and is today positioned as one of the sports with the most remembrance among the people. La Tercera highlights Emilio’s growth in the World Rally Championship during 2018, where he even won a leg on snow in Sweden. Furthermore, Fernández has been one of the fastest drivers in R2 and every time he’s managed to win a round he’s done it with a generous difference against his rivals, actually, surpassing some of the R3 times.

Pedro Devaud was noted by La Tercera as a driver who also was a figure in Formula E at the beginning of 2018. “Pedro Devaud was the local figure in Chile’s Formula E first release in February. The driver from Pucón was the only national one who could get in one of the electric monopostes and go around the street circuit, in an exhibition.” This is how Devaud’s nomination is explained.

“I’m certainly proud of this nomination. It’s an award for my sponsors and the people that supports me, I hope this allows regional and local authorities to trust more so that they can support us in the near future,” Devaud said.

RallyMobil has been strengthened at the national media after it was confirmed that Concepción, Chile, is part of the WRC Calendar, which has also given more attention to its main figures. For now, we hope they get as much votes as possible so that RallyMobil’s name can stand taller.