A RallyMobil delegation, headed by its Senior Producer, Felipe Horta, accompanied by a group of specialized journalists from different Chilean media, travelled to Paris to get to know firsthand the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) World Motor Sport Council’s decision about Chile’s participation in the World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar, for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

At 12:00 (Paris time) on Friday, the 2019 WRC Calendar presentation will be held and every delegate will witnessa moment that could be historic in Chilean sports.

For more than a year, RallyMobil members have worked hard to learn about and fulfill FIA and WRC requirements demanded of candidates. The 2018 season began withe the official Candidate Event in Concepción, a city that the organization nominates as headquarters for the possible round and, also, big efforts have been made to allow a positive resolution in favour of Chile.

“We are going in the hope, together with the media, that this will materialize favourably. I believe Chile has striven and succeeded to rigorously meet all of the procedures the FIA commands, in terms of the process itself, which has taken us a bit more than three years. This is a culmination date and a significant challenge for Chile, if this objective is attained it’s an opportunity for the nation,” Felipe Horta assured.

The other big candidate is Japan, which, along with Chile, yearn for a position in the select group of countries that host every year the most outstanding world rally teams’ display.

Remember this Thursday +Motor Radio is issued at its usual time, 2:00 PM, nevertheless, a special chapter will also be streamed on Friday, during the morning, time still to be defined, in direct link with Paris. On both episodes we’ll have some of the main RallyMobil drivers as guests, to discuss each step at the event.