Emilio Rosselot (R3) and his co-driver Tomás Cañete, plus Emilio Fernández (R2) and Luis Martínez (R2) came to our show +Motor Radio, where a lot of talking was done, about the Pichilemu trophy, the World Rally Championship and more.

Our guests talked for an hour about what’s coming in Pichilemu, what could happen at a round in which important stuff is at stake for R2 and R3, two series that haven’t reached a definition yet.

The future of the teams was another topic, since Chile’s incorporation to the WRC calendar has encouraged everyone and, according to what they’re saying, there will be more than 20 cars competing at R5 in 2019, among which are Chileans, Peruvians and Argentinians, there’s even rumours of two interested bolivian drivers.

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