RallyMobil Championship is the most important car competition in Chile. After 18 years of existence, this show has entered the national sports elite, well known for its amazing displays, high level competition and production, throughout our región and the whole world.
This story began in the year 2000 with two categories in its first season, and has achieved a sustained growth thanks to its constant innovation, in both its organization and sports aspects. A reflection of this is the first Night Super Prime, which was held in Parque O’Higgins in 2001, in its ellipse. 25 thousand people attended the event and international guest, Argentinian multi champion Federico Villagra, was present at the show.

In 2002 the Brands Championship was born, encouraging car Brand groups to participate at the event. A year later, 58 crews met again at Parque O’Higgins at a new Night Special, having this time three times world champion, Finn Tommi Mäkinen, as star guest.
Then came the first Motorshow, in Laguna Carén, where more than 17 thousand people celebrated RallyMobil’s 10 years. Yet it was in 2011 when this sports event became nationwide important; Motorshow moved to the front of La Moneda Palace (seat of the President of the Republic of Chile). 40 thousand people attended the show back then.

These achievements were consolidated with the amazing closure of the championship, the Motroshow, which was then held in one of Santiago’s lungs, San Cristóbal Hill. A scenario that allowed the democratization of this sport’s usual activities, with the most important autsport event of the región. An unforgettable picture of a sport whose popularity continues to grow, becoming, after football, the second most important discipline in Chile.

After 18 years, RallyMobil has turned into Chile’s most relevant motorsport, a free attraction that uses the cities’ infrastructure and routes across different corners of the cuntry. It has evolved in a way never seen before. Its Opening Ceremony, which gathers the crews in a huge colorful stage, is set in the heart of each city, offering a wonderful exhibition of the driver’s skills and cars.

Candidate Event

Chile’s application to host one of the World Rally Championship rounds in 2019, 2020 and 2021 was a result from an idea that grew step by step and is today a reality in hands of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) (International Automobile Federation) executives and of the World Rally Championship (WRC).

On December 8, 2012, four Renault Clio 3 debuted in Chile at the Motorshow, displayed in front of La Moneda, with an audience of 20 thousand people. Later, in Osorno, on the first round of the 2013 season, four more cars joined the debut, three Citröen DS3 and a Honda Civic Type R.
After such step, ideas went further and the next one was to learn more about the World Rally Championship rounds and find out what the requirements to fulfill eligibility were. The first thing to do was to update RallyMobil with certified cars, moving to a secuential gearbox and all-wheel drive, and to keep developing local competition.

Another important step was to approach the FIA and WRC authorities. For this purpose, it was necessary to travel and meet the experts, listen to them and learn from them. Following these first procedure, eleven Ford R2 were brought to Chile, thus a great qualitative leap was taken in terms of sports concepts.

On 2016 the first official showcase was released, aiming to carry out Chile’s candidacy to a WRC round. RallyMobil’s organizers, together with Copec, proved that it was actually possible, and showed commitment and support on behalf of regional government authorities and Carabineros de Chile (national pólice) and to have constant collaboration from national fire departments. Chile could actually do it.

During that same year, the staff of RallyMobil kept on travelling to attend WRC rounds, gaining experience and strengthening links with FIA and World Rally Championship. Here arises, for the first time, the real possibility to formally run for 2017. On a sports field, R2 and R3 categories continue to grow, yet the next step was necessary. The R5 cars had to arrive to Chile and Pedro Heller was the one to display, by himself, these cars’ strength.

On May 2, 2017 WRC executives are officially received in Chile, German Olivier Ciesla and Australian Simon Larkin. A great gala was celebrated, to launch the 2017 season and, above all, to mark the formal opening of Chile’s candidacy to get a World Rally Championship round.

A new road begins to be drawn, with obstacles that RallyMobil has to successfully overcome. The Candidate Event ha to be accomplished to perfection so as to be able to acquire a positive report from Fia. At the same time, Chilean ambassadors emerge at WRC; Pedro Heller carries the Chilean flag at the world circuits, and, on 2018, he is joined by Emilio Fernández, who participates in Junior WRC.

The 2018 RallyMobil season starts with the Candidate Event in Concepción. Also, the powerful R5 cars arrive to the championship, which meant an important breakthrough on sport. Nine cars of well-known brands enter our country’s routes: Ford, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Citröen and Sköda.
Our Candidate Event in Concepción lived up to the expectations. It was held with an outstanding audience and in the presence of important representatives of the manufacturer brands, as well as under the watchful eyes of the FIA and WRC delegates, who did not hesitate on speaking about the good job fulfilled by RallyMobil organizers throughout the race.

On 2018, the visits to WRC rounds have continued. RallyMobil organizers were in Portugal to learn about key aspects on safety interests. In Finland, our championship’s emissaries persisted on gaining experience and learned more about these emblematic contests.