The press conference that opened the next 2018 RallyMobil round took place, yesterday at noon, at the emblematic Main Square of Curicó. The event announced the roads drivers will go down this Friday, August 31, through Sunday, September 2. Kurt Horta, Clerk of the Course, was there, together with Maule Region Senator, Ximena Rincón; local driver, Francisco “Chaleco”López; Curicó’s Mayor, Javier Muñoz; Molina’s Mayor, Priscilla Castillo; and Prefect of Carabineros (National Police), Colonel Patricio Sánchez.

Mayor Javier Muñoz welcomed and thanked the institutions that have allowed the return of the area’s main motorsport competition. “We want to thank RallyMobil for considering Curicó and we want to specially acknowledge Francisco “Chaleco” López, who has been coming back here since a while ago to develop investment projects that are very important for our community. We hope our city meets the expectations for such an important competition, on both national and international levels, thinking on the challenges to come on 2019,” the regional authority declared.

Meanwhile, Chaleco López, Copec Mobil1/Team Peugeot Sport/Redbull driver, highlighted: “Fron the beginning, the decision was to come to Curicó, because we knew we would be welcomed. My mission is to be a good city’s ambassador at this competition since we want RallyMobil to stay here.”

Furthermore, the native driver called on people to enjoy the race responsibly: “All of the competing cars will be at the Main Square on Friday, and the idea is that you take the grills to Condell Hill on Saturday, to Molina, to Siete Tazas. We want the Rally to stay here for good. But a very important thing is safety, so the call is to settle at the spots demarcated by the organization, specially on Condell Hill. If anybody stands at an unauthorized spot, the event will be halted. All of us must be the city’s ambassadors, to keep safe and be responsible so that RallyMobil stays in Curicó.”

“We seek to foster Maule as the center of the country. That this rally becomes a region’s activity is important, since we want to turn tourism into a main productive activity, for this kind of events move many industries, such as gastronomy, hotel services, and so on. This kind of events bring people to Curicó as a a final destination, instead of just passing by. We will continue to drive sports activities from the Senate,” Maule Region Senator, Ximena Rincón, pointed out.

During the press conference, everyone highlighted the collaboration of Carabineros de Chile, which does a great deal of work to allow the proper realization of RallyMobil, ensuring safety for the attendees, organization and competitors, working along the production staff to contribute to the area’s growth!

See you on the road!