RallyMobil Championship is back in Curicó this weekend, five years after the last time it stayed there. Renault Team driver Ramón Ibarra has very nice memories of that visit. In 2011, he finished third at N3 and in 2012 he won in that same categroy.

Although different roads cover the race this time, and it’s been six years since the last one at this place, the team, comprised also of Cistóbal Ibarra, speaks with great conviction about giving a good performance at R3.

“We’ve prepared very well with the cars for Curicó, so I think we’ll do pretty good. We’ve taken stock of the experience we had during the first semester and we’ve identified the failures that arose. We’ve worked on this so we don’t have technical issues and everything comes out in the best way,” the driver said. He is at the third position of the championship standings, only 14 points away from the leader.

Among some developments that will come out of this round is the remarkable Condell Hill stage of 1,900 mts, which Ramón already knows well, since a super special stage was raced there, within the very city, in 2011 and in 2012. “To compete in Curicó can be an asset to us because there will be an asphalt power stage on Sunday, even though it’s a short one and it only gives 3 points, we’re focused on seizing it. Also, it will be run on Saturday and on Sunday morning,” the eldest of Ibarra brothers, Ramón, explained.

Rain is expected Friday at the Maule Region, so the floor will be wet this weekend, but this doesn’t worry Ibarra brothers. “Cristóbal and I trust this race to be good for both uf us. We’ve done an in-depth revision of my brother’s car and we’ve found failures and fixed them. We believe Cristóbal can give a great surprise in the Renault Clio IV Turbo at this fifth round,” Ramón concluded.