Jorge Martínez, Joker Rally Team driver, has just gotten 10 precious points at the Curicó trophy, a round that featured complex roads and was filled with mechanical issues. His performance kept him standing firm at the fight for the title and made him dream of being champion of the first R5 season in Chile.

Now-a-days he is palced second at the drivers standings of R5, with 86 points, three less than his team mate Pedro Heller (89). The battle for the crown is on fire, which is why we talked to Jorge to find out how he sees what he did in Curicó and what he has done in RallyMobil Championship so far.

What’s your outlook on Curicó?

“It was a very tough race, with routes that surprised for their complexity. It wasn’t good for us, but we stayed calm since we kept the good pace and were fast.” 

How was your weekend’s incidents experience?

“The truth is you always expect to do races without many setbacks, but I think it’s good to be prepared for anything that might happen on the road. I think we could pull off a race that got really hard at some moment.”

How do you see your R5 rivals?

“I think the category has been at its highest level ever since the first round. Generally, I see them all very strong and driven, especially Pedro, Beto and Alejandro Cancio.”

What do you expect from Río Bueno?

“Even though it’s a new race, I think it can be a good round for us, since things always work for us on the South roads. This is why our expectations on Río Bueno are high.”

Do you feel ready to win this year’s title?



The historical multi champion of RallyMobil is focused on seizing the throne, but he knows it won’t be easy and that his contenders won’t cede a kilometer on the coming competitions. Brothers Pedro Heller (89 pts) and Alberto Heller (69 pts), as well as Alejandro Cancio (67 pts) are living a vertiginous struggle for the 2018 title. Anything can happen in R5.