It was an uneasy weekend at this RallyMobil Championship fifth round, in Curicó. Its roads were very tangled and technical, so they demanded the crews’ full skills and expertise; ten duos were left out of competition, but the Renault Team, headed by the Ibarra Brothers, went through a totally different situation since they obtained a firm denouement, as they drove to achieve second and third positions in R3.

“Nothing better than to kick off second semester with this result, a second place at the series, which is truly positive for us. We had been seeking it since the beginning of the year and things hadn’t worked out for us. I’m really happy for our achievement, it was soemthing I needed, for me and for the whole team. Now, to enjoy,” Cristóbal Ibarra stated. He and his co-driver, Sebastián Vera, reached second place at R3 in their Clio IV Turbo witha time of 01:58:26,9.

R3 category is alive, with the Curicó table: Emilio Rosselot, Samuel Israel, who had to withdraw at this round, and Ibarra Brothers, fighting side by side for the 2018 season’s podium positions.