Cristóbal Ibarra together with Sebastián Vera will run this race on the Clio Turbo IV, while Ramón Ibarra will continue on the aspirated Clio, but with a new navigator: The experienced Argentinian Juán Cruz Varela.

The French firm’s motor-racing team, led by the Ibarra brothers, Ramón and Cristóbal, is ready and has news for the first National Rally Championship date, to take place this next April 20, 21 and 22 in Concepción. The youngest Ibarra said that “We’ve trainned a lot on the Clio Turbo and what we’ve found out is that it’s a totally different driving from the aspirated Clio. It is a very powerful car, which is why we are trying to find a way to adapt that intensity to the curves”. And he added: “The R3 class this year will be lots of fun, since there still are very fast drivers, and along with Sebastián our goal is to move from least to most and get used to the car in the best way, and that shall be at every race. We are highly motivated and this first race will get us to adapt to the car in a better way”.

While Ramón Ibarra will continue to drive the aspirated Renault Clio, after going through a successful 2017 season, the experienced R3 driver said “Both cars were completely disassembled and checked. During the past time we’ve trained several times. Therefore, I think this will be the team’s best year”.

Ramón’s new navigator Juán Cruz Varela owns a vast experience: the trans-Andean has been racing international rally for 16 years. Part of his story has developed through the Argentinian championship, as well as regional and European competitions. All the knowledge gained during these trials took him to face the world’s hardest, Dakar Rally. He has competed on distinct categories as well, such as N2, Maxi Rally, N4, N3, R2 and R3.

“When you put your helmet on you always want to win. We’ve been able to train throughout several kilometers together with Ramón and I’ve felt very comfortable. I think we understood each other during those first kilometers we did together and there was a great bond, which can be a really positive key to be able to compete on every race, so that we can be at the R3 top three at the end of the year”, stated Varela, who will be back on RallyMobil with Renault after his 2013 debut.