The Press Point that opened the sixth round, Río Bueno – La Unión, took place this morning at the Main Square of La Unión, in the region of Los Lagos. The different locations that make up this championship were released there, such as the Opening Ceremony, scheduled for this Friday 19 at Plaza Condell, Río Bueno, as well as the rest of the timetable and the roads of the different races. The invitation is open for everyone to come visit the Service Park, placed at km 2.5, route T 70 in La Unión.

The roads taht will be part of this competition during October 19, 20 and 21 were announced too during this activity, which was attended by the Clerk of the Course, Kurt Horta; the Chieff of Staff of the Governor of the Ranco Province, Matías Velásquez; the Ministerial Secretariat of Sports, Christian Yantani; the Mayor of La Unión, Aldo Piuner; the Mayor of Río Bueno, Luis Reyes; La Unión’s Councilman, Mario Cuman; Regional Counselor Sylvia Yunge; Regional Counselor Armando Quezada; the Major of the Fourth Police Station of Río Bueno, Jaime Villegas; Alejandro Cancio, driver of the CBTech Rally by Sköda Team and Luis Ignacio Rosselot, driver of the Rosselot – Mitsubishi Team.

Piuner manifested his pride in having this important sports event in La Unión and Río Bueno, emphasizing the fact that this race is a historic landmark in both communes: “We want to thank to the organization, who considered this commune of Los Ríos Region. Of course we very much welcome you and receive you in coordination with the municipality of Río Bueno, we also want to thank the personnel. We decided to say yes; we want this event, important nationwide and also at an international level, to be carried out in a commune such as La Unión.”

Reyes stressed the journey that has been travelled and the work previously done, in order to achieve this sixth round: “You can see my excitement and joy about what today means to start writing down this story. One that began several months ago at a formal meeting set by Kurt and Felipe (Horta), and the whole team at the organization, to bring up the possibility of embracing this big challenge of coming with RallyMobil to Ranco Province.”

Most important of all is safety. Regarding this Major Villegas declared: “We’ve held coordination meetings during the last weeks. This actions are meant to guarantee the highest safety conditions within RallyMobil. Let’s remember that this is one of the most important automotive competitions in the country.”

Meanwhile, Yantani pointed out that “This is one of the events that best illustrates what it means to be able to accomplish shows of top level, and to not only have them done in the Capital, but to also allow them to be displayed upon our territories. This is why it’s of utmost importance to have the chance to be here, at this event in Ranco, Los Ríos.”

Luis Ignacio Rosselot added: “I’m very happy to be here in La Unión, racing here for the first time. We had always gone until Osorno, Puerto Montt, Temuco, Valdivia, but not to these places. All of us drivers are now on the road, there’s the uncertainty about how the new roads are. According to what Kurt Horta has said – and I’m sure about the work they bring forward – they are going to be spectacular roads.”

For his part, Argentinian driver Alejandro Cancio expressed: “It’s a pleasure for me to be with you and I hope that the extent of this is considered, but this is only the first round after Chile has been included in the WRC Calendar, so it’s not just any other round, this begins to assume much bigger proportions.”