On gruelling roads along 1,294 kilometers, the 93rd version of the Six Days will be raced in Viña del Mar, from November 12 to 17. Women’s national team will participate, and also teams from 30 countries around the world, which add up about 600 men and women drivers.

Locations of the roads for the Enduro Stage, Enduro Test and Cross Test have already been set by the organization, with five days through roads and trails in the following places:  Puchuncaví, Valle Alegre, Mantagua, Torquemada, Tabolango, Limache and Lo Orozco. On the sixth and last day of the event the motocross will take place, at Mantagua’s karting area. Likewise, the Paddock will be placed in Estero Marga Marga, Ciudad Jardín (Viña del Mar), from where drivers will start and arrive every day.

“The whole circuit is at its tracing process while it waits for FIM (Federation Internationale Motocycliste) Inspector Maurizio Micheluz’s arrival, who will support us from October 23, so that the special stages come out in accordance with standards expected from ISDE (International Six Days of Enduro),” Chile’s National Motorcycling Federation’s (FMC) President José Tomás Díaz explained.

Regarding the final competition, the motocross, the FMC leader pointed out: “The Motocross will take place in Mantagua’s karting area, where a track mostly made of sand will be prepared. Drivers will start that day from Marga Marga Estuary and the race will be arranged in beams according to the starting line capacity and in categories.”

One of the novelties is that the Women’s National Team – directed by technician Pablo Levalle – has already been nominated. The team, made up of three women, comprises: Tania González, Beatriz Angulo and Karol Marín. The fourth driver is Valeria Rodríguez, who will share the same benefits since she is a substitute driver in case any of the three suffers an injury before the Six Days begins.

Up to now, the Men’s National Team is headed by Josué Smith. Drivers in the World Trophy category are: Benjamín Herrera, Leonardo Quintanilla, Diego Rojas and Gabriel Balut. Junior Trophy: Ruy Barbosa, Diego Herrera and Esteban Lanz.

Six Days will see the participaton of nearly 600 drivers. Besides national teams from 30 countries, it also consists of the Clubs category, where Chile will have 90 teams of three drivers each, coming from everywhere from Arica to Punta Arenas.

Lastly, the Vintage category (motorcycles made before 1980) has been confirmed, where Chile will be represented by Antonio Hasbún (Indian) and Rodrigo Jara (Honda). In this series more than 20 machines compete, coming from all around the world.

The countries on the entry list are: Germaby, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Czech Republica, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela.