There’s no room for doubt when we think about choosing the team of the round, since one of RallyMobil Championship’s most typical teams showed its best qualitites at the fifth round of 2018 season: Rosselot Team. Luis Ignacio stepped up to the podium for the first time, in his Mitsubishi Mirage; Emilio seized R3 and became leader of the category and, in addition to all this, the technical staff accomplished Tadeo’s car recovery so he could re-start on Sunday.

The Rosselot have demonstrated great work at the road as well as in their preparation and trainning processes. It makes us glad when a team is serious and stays focused, which has given them the results they intended.

The development of the Mitsubishi Mirage by  Swedish engineer Tomas Weng and tranning with Finn driver Jari Ketomaa are clear reflection of a solid work at the current season. Their effort has yielded significant results: a spotless second place in Curicó.

With only three rounds left until the end of the season, Emilio Rosselot is heading R3 category and is a true candidate for the title thanks to his strong performances. In Curicó he showed he is up for big stuff together with his co-driver, Tomás Cañete, with whom he has achieved a powerful and up-and-coming duo. Their first place was astonishing, since they snatched a huge edge over their nearest competitors, even overtaking some R5 leaders in time at several stages.

For Tadeo, the youngest Rosselot, the outlook is also positive. At his young age he is leader of the R3 sub-category and has plenty of good examples to follow within his family, who have devoted their life to motors. He was forced to leave the first stage in Curicó, nevertheless he was able to restart on Sunday thanks to the excellent job done by the mechanics of his squad.

Congratulations Rosselot Team!