The Samuel Israel and Nicolás García binomial was the winner of the R3 category in Frutillar’s third round of the 2018 RallyMobil Championship. The duo succeeded in wining the race thanks to their talent, endurance and confidence, qualities which have taken them to grow a stronger partnership on each race.

From a total of 12 scheduled stages, ten were fulfilled, and eight of them were totally mastered by “Chamuco” Israel. With an average speed of 95.8 km/h and a total time of 01:37:29, he easily surpassed Ramón Ibarra, who stayed at a second place with a difference of 02:11.7. From special stage 1, Cau Cau – Ñapeco (15.4 km), and on, Israel kept displaying his natural skills at the wheel and was complemented by his co-driver’s job at every time.

“In fact to me this is the whole season’s toughest round. We did a very good job together with Nicolás, from beginning to end. We didn’t make any mistakes, I think because of my co-driver’s talent and the confidence we have. We’re really happy for our achievements, we are at a great pace and up for more,” Israel affirmed.

Frutillar was a perfect round for the Monster Energy Procircuit Rally Team’s duo: It won the race, made no mistakes and is now heading its category. At the end of the race, Samuel admited he was not expecting this kind of results when the season began, and that he is now more confident for the future rounds and looking forward to compete on an R5 some time.