Santiago García is the co-driver of the fourth round of RallyMobil Championship, for leading Alejandro Cancio towards the first positions throughout most of the race, while growing into his job and enhancing his skills. A drop-out left the Conveyor Belt duo without any chances, yet Garcia´s pace notes reading was key for their competition, until the incident.

This Argentinian duo, participating at R5 encounters, has good chances to reach a podium standing at the end of the 2018 season, if things continue to turn out right on the road. We are talking about the good work both of them have fulfilled in each race, specially under the condition that their participation began at the second round (Los Ángeles), which ceded a substantial advantage to their contenders.

A good perfromance was expected from car number 9, particularly because the land is much like that where Cancio usually drives at the Argentine Championship. The driver’s skills were essential in Vicuña, just like the co-driver’s right direction was, which is why Santigo García is on our highlights list. The partners managed to get on third position from the night Super Special Stage (Vicuña-Mamalluca; 5.57 km) on, and on Saturday began to alternate places between fourth and fifth across the following three stages.

But the outlook significantly improved at the fifth stage (Mamalluca-Vicuña; 10 km), when they achieved third place, and later got the first one at stages six and seven, El Arrayán-El Guairabo (19.22 km) and El Guairabo-El Arrayán (19.24 km) respectively.

A retirement during the eighth stage send them out of competition, as a failure in one of the Sköda Fabia R5 back decks bearly let them arrive to the flying finish. Anyways, getting closer to Alberto Heller hinged on Santiago Garcia’s job, which even allowed this crew to surpass Beto in two stages.

Congratulations Santiago García!