A new driver will join R2 for the 2018 Motorshow. Sebastián Vera, Renault Team Cristóbal Ibarra’s regular co-driver in car 23 is switching seats and will show he’s also has conditions to compete from behind the wheel.

Vera will drive Tirso Gonzalo’s Ford Fiesta R2. Its latest driver has just purchased such car to move to another category, yet he’ll race the Motorshow in the Suzuki he’s been in throughout the whole 2018 season. “At the beginning I was supposed to be racing in one of the Suzuki, but since Tirso has a challenge with my dad in N3, he asked Ramón for his car. Then, Tirso agreed to hand me over the Ford Fiesta for the Motorshow,” said Seba Vera.

This is one of the novelties that this spectacular last round of the year introduces, a rally that will certainly be a true motor sport celebration. The Motroshow promises to be filled with surprises, debuts and new project presentations for next year. In that regard, Vera clarifies that he’s not leaving his co-driving role, since the driver tasks budget is much different.

We’ll see on December 15 what happens at the Parque Motor Laguna Carén race track, where we’ll experience R3 and R5 settlements, besides from vibrating with the other motorsport disciplines’ stunning performances.