We are getting closer to the seventh RallyMobil Championship round, in Pichilemu, and the competition is on fire at R3 and R5, while R2 has already been defined at the latest round, Río Bueno – La Unión, with Martín Scuncio as the 2018 champion.

The top of the standingboard at both series remains tight: Pedro Heller leads R5 with 110 points, followed by Jorge Martínez with 96 points, Alberto Heller with 92 and Alejandro Cancio with 85. The difference will certainly keep the suspense alive until the Motorshow, which is why Pichilemu now becomes a key race for these main figures’ targets.

In R3 prospects look even more ardent. Samuel Israel, currently at the top of his category, has 106 points, only three more than his tracker Emilio Rosselot (103 pts). Then comes Vicente Israel with 100 points and then Ramón Ibarra, with 90. Anything can happen, yet the prize is most likely to be fought over by Samuel and Emilio. Both of them have been the most competitive drivers throughout the season and promise to vie for the top position hand in hand and to cling on until the end, to clench the championship trophy.

Drivers know how important Pichilemu is and they’ve showed it by quickly leaving the last round behind to focus on this next race. Both the Heller and the Israel families, and also the other leaders, emphasize the significance of the coming challenge. Jorge Martínez, for example, who came out on top on Río Bueno – La Unión’s leg 1, is sure about how much he needs to add up and what he needs from his rivals so as to win the title, and he knows he can’t make any mistakes. Nothing’s said until the finish line is crossed.

Pichilemu will be held 23-25 November. The crews that are still seeking podium positions will be doing their best on the road. Points added up in O’Higgins Region will pretty much define the championship, since the Motorshow will be a one day round giving only half of the score, which is to say 10 points.