The Pichilemu trophy could define R5 and R3 categories in a heart-stopping, high-level end of season, which proves RallyMobil Championship is up for the best in 2019, the year in which we’ll host the World Rally Championship fo the first time.

Drivers will be starting at full speed and they know the race will make the difference so they must give it their all. Actually, it’s the last 29 point giving round, since the Motorshow only adds up 10 points.

One who’s fighting for the R3 title is Emilio Rosselot, who has 103 points today, three less than leader Samuel Israel (106 points) and three more than Vicente Israel (100 points). The driver, whose co-driver is Tomás Cañete, assures he’ll start as fast as he can: “We’re really looking forward to go fast, actually, it’s the first time at the championship that we’ll have to go for it. We want the title,” the driver fromViña del Mar stated confidently.

Besides, he already has the experience of the last editions. He knows the roads, although he knows new roads can come up too. “I´ve been lucky to race in the earlier Pichilemu rounds and there’s a lot of going down the hill, so we need to take good pace notes and Tomás Cañete and I have worked hard so as to not having problems during the race development, so we hope to go out there giving our best.”

At R5, the fight for the title is no less: Jorge Martínez, who did an exceptional first day by winning all of its stages, was forced to drop out on Sunday, loosing his chance of becoming the only leader in the R5 Championship Standings. “Pichilemu has plenty of gravel, unlike what we face throughout the rest of the year, which gives us space to drift and make a good race. Regarding the fight for the title, I hope it’s all settled at the Motroshow, and that’s our goal, to deliver a good performance in Pichilemu to then have a definition at the last race of the year,” said the multi champion. The rest of the Joker Rally Team, particularly brothers Pedro and Alberto Heller, did the 1-2 in Río Bueno – La Unión, which leaves them standing on a sound footing, to be at the top of the series.




Pedro Heller / Pablo Olmos 110
Jorge Martínez / Alberto Álvarez 96
Alberto Heller / José Díaz 92
Alejandro Cancio / Santiago García 85
Francisco López / Nicolás Levalle 51
Cristóbal Vidaurre / Rubén García 45
Luis Ignacio Rosselot / Marcelo Brizzio 42
Benjamín Israel / Marcelo Der Ohanessian 42
Felipe Rossi / Luis Allende 22


Samuel Israel / Nicolás García 106
Emilio Rosselot / Tomás Cañete 103
Vicente Israel / Matías Ramos 100
Ramón Ibarra / Juan Cruz Varela 90
Cristóbal Ibarra / Sebastían Vera 46
Tadeo Rosselot / Eugenio Carvallo 33
Joaquín Ruiz De Loyzaga / Sebastián Medrano 31
Santiago Gambetta / Luis Gatica 27
Sebastián Silva / Matías Leiva 9
Manuel Brito / Juan Monasterolo 6