The 32 duos at the RallyMobil Championship fifth round entry list went through the usual Shakedown before the race, on Friday, and checked the state their cars were in. Also, the classical Opening Ceremony took place at Curicó´s Main Square. Mayor Javier Muñoz was there, together with Governor María Macarena Pons and the Mayor of Río Claro, Américo Guajardo.

The start was set for 3:00PM. N3 cars were the first one at the grid and R5 the last ones. Once they were all back at the Service Park, wet and covered in mud, the drivers worked along with their mechanics to fix some engine, tires and battery details.

When the clock struck 7:00PM, the Opening Ceremony kicked off at the Main Square, a perfect setting where the rally fans shared nice moments with their favourite teams and enjoyed a free family event. Fandom and fellowship were combined at an activity that transforms the streets of every city it gets to into a party.

Once the teams presentation was over, people left happy and the organization knew then that this round promises to be one of the season’s most astonishing experiences. The day officially opened the fifth round of 2018 RallyMobil Championship; Condell Hill witnessed the event and its people released their passion for Chile’s most important motorsport.

See you on the road!