A new +Motor Radio chapter was live streamed from Pichilemu at the RallyMobil Championship seventh round. During a one hour conversation, various main figures of the season definition were present:  Jorge Martínez (R5), Luis Ignacio Rosselot (R5) and Alberto Heller (R5), who has recently triumphed in Rally Australia for WRC.

The Pichilemu trophy is a race that could finally define R3 and R5, nevertheless, chances are this happens at the Motorshow. Drivers agree about differences being so tight there shouldn’t be a champion at the seventh round. Samuel Israel and Emilio Rosselot, both R3 drivers, faced before this weekend’s start on the winding roads of O’Higgins Region. Both of them are called to vie for the title, together with Vicente Israel and Ramón Ibarra, who have previously declared that they will go at full speed aiming to win the round.

R2 champions, Martín Scuncio and Javiera Román, were also part of this special edition. They talked about what they expect from this round and how they see the rest of the categories’ possible outcome. On the other hand, Scuncio affirmed his desire to retire after the Motorshow, a race to be held this December 15.

Drivers’ Meeting

After the show, the accustomed drivers’ meeting was conducted, where championship authorities inform every important details that have to do with the race and others, they call the roll to confirm the presence of all of the duos on the entry list. Out of the protocol, the reunion began with an ovation given to Alberto Heller for his outstanding victory in Rally Australia.

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