A thrilling day launched the Río Bueno-La Unión trophy with the Shakedown done in San Javier and the Opening Ceremony at Condell Square in Río Bueno. People’s enthusiasm at the duos’ presentation and the teams’ set-up showcase, before a cheering crowd, turned the beginning of this round into a true party.

Pedro Heller (Joker Rally Team) was the great winner at the Shakedown. He made the best time of the whole Championship’s Start List. Overall, drivers feel comfortable with the weather and with the state the roads are in, so they’re expecting to have a normal race.

14 special sections make up the longest round, taking into account the number of Special Stages. The crews will have to conquer 440.06 kilometers so as to seize RallyMobil Championship’s sixth round.

See you on the road!