Most of this season’s drivers, at RallyMobil Championship, are now training before the fifth round of 2018, to be held in Curicó. Tadeo Rosselot, Team Rosselot driver, has trouble with his fuel pump, so se has had to stop his activities preceding the next race.

The promising youngster showed himself, on social media, to be worried afer finding out about the malfunction in his Renault Clio. Yet, once we talked to him, he admited it is nothing serious since it’s an issue that he and his team had gone through twice already, in two Vicuña stages, which consists of a fuel pump failure that makes the car react in a lazy way.

Right now, the mechanics team is changing this piece to make sure this is the only problem to solve.

Only eight days are left before the start of our next round. See you there!