There’s no doubt that Joker Rally Team was one of the best teams of season 2018 in RallyMobil. Its members won the three leading places in the main series, R5, and so became the stars at every round of the championship.

Thinking on the season ahead and on the expansion that RallyMobil will go through with its inclusion into the WRC Calendar, Joker Rally Team shall offer its assistance services to other crews.

We talked to Felipe Espinoza, Joker Rally Team Principal, and he pointed out that he’s already gotten into conversations with Emilio Fernández and Tomás Etcheverry, to provide them with assistance in 2019. ” We know challenges for 2019 are high. There are several drivers who will need the support and assistance from a technical anf human team such as ours,” said Espinoza.

Joker’s principal also remarked that the Peugeot 208 Jorge Martínez and Alberto Álvarez used this past season is now for sale. Two are the options, to sell it or to keep on providing it with assistance during 2019. Or, as well, to enter into a full year lease agreement.