In spite of the many difficulties the Renault Team had to face at RallyMobil Vicuña, it succeeded in getting back in and pulled off the race in the aspired Clio Ramón Ibarra drives together with co-driver Juán Cruz Varela. They finished in fourth place of R3 with a total time of 01:46:27.6, while getting into third position at the Power Stage, which cataloged them as one of the fastest duos in competition.

“It was a complicated rally. We almost had to retire on Friday, we were penalized three minutes and we managed to turn things around. Then, with the third place we got yesterday, on Saturday, we were fine since we had fallen to ninth position after Friday and we moved to third from that. We ended up on fourth place and we are happy about how we achieved to overcome issues and got on the podium anyways,” the eldest Ibarra said.

It was not an easy round for Cristóbal Ibarra and Sebastián Vera as well, who race in the Renault Clio IV Turbo, for the hard Vicuña roads did not allow them to finish. Anyhow, they are already focused on the next round, which will be held in Curicó after six years of absence, from August 31 to September 2.

“It’s been several years since the last time we raced in Curicó, so I don’t remember well how the roads are. Besides from that, we will try to do the best we can and our expectations on next round are high as we hope to recover and get back on the leading spot of R3,” Ramón Ibarra assured.