At 2018 RallyMobil Championship’s third round our outstanding team is Susaron Rally Team, which has grown into its work and fulfilled a considerable improvement from Concepción’s first round until now, through the Emilio Fernández and Joaquín Riquelme duo’s performance.

This couple is now proudly representing Chile at the World Rally Championship Junior, and casts the team as R2’s main figure at RallyMobil and WRC.

Let’s remember car 60 began the Candidate Event at Concepción with a retirement. It was a misled curve that threw the car out to the right side of the road and hit it. The Ford Fiesta’s control arm ended up stuck in the chassis, and even though Emilio managed to go back to the road, this caused him trouble again on Sunday, loosing his chance to keep competing.

Los Ángeles was the return game for the duo, but an electrical issue during Shakedown left it out of the race again. After two rounds this crew could not add any points yet. Frutillar seemed to be the chance to return to the winning track and Emilio and Joaquín absolutely did. With a 54.9 seconds difference over Martín Scuncio, they took an outright victory on the round’s first day. Their strategy worked out, quality remains intact and confidence is higher than ever.

A perfect Saturday let these two tackle the second day and manage the rest of the race in a calm and intelligent way. The car put up with conditions and the duo left earlier issues behind. The Susaron teammates won over Martín Suriani with a 1.4 minute difference at Frutillar. Extraordinary times at a structure that shall have a year filled with success.