No doubt every RallyMobil round has its complexity. But what makes this race a unique experience in what the season has been up to now is the night Super Special Stage between Vicuña and Mamalluca (5.6 km). This one opens the fourth race and will give fans that special adrenalin they expect to feel in high performance trials.

Drivers admit this night stage will leave them less time to rest but gives the round a peculiar touch and that they are not concerned about competing under Valle del Elqui’s stars. Let’s remember we already had a night special in Vicuña 2017, where Conveyor Belt Team driver Cristóbal Vidaurre, today’s R3 champion, won in his Citröen DS3. After seizing the challenge, Vidaurre stated: “It was amazing racing tonight under a beautiful moon and a starry sky we could appreciate once on top of Mamalluca Hill. Moreover I was the fastest in my category. I hope to keep this pace up on Saturday and Sunday to make the most points.”

Drivers seem excited when they talk about this stage and they want to enjoy the experience from beginning to end. We had a conversation with protagonists to find out how they will manage to undertake the first special stage of the calendar’s fourth date.

“The night special will be quite fun cause it’s on tarmac and this find of surface suits ourselves much, we are ready to gain th upper hand,” remarked Ramón Ibarra.

Jorge Martínez also sees the night stage positively:

“I find it amusing, I couldn’t say whether it fits me or not, because we haven’t raced that many times at night. It’s still new for everybody and it’s good to leave our comfort zones and cope with new challenges,” the leader assured.

Remember the fourth round will be held in Vicuña, on August 3, 4 and 5.

See you on the road!