We are four days away from the beginning of a new 2018 RallyMobil Championship round and the teams are focused in the North of Chile. Anxiety grows as time goes by so preparation is essential now.

Every team gets to this round with different ambitions, this race means to some of them being able to achieve leadership over their categories, while to others it represents a chance to keep dreaming and becoming candidates if they manage to add up enough points.

Most teams will get to Vicuña on Wednesday, August 1st, for accommodations. As we have said before, this is a particularly hard round for both its routes and roads’ temperature. About the fourth RallyMobil round Jorge Martínez, the R5 leader, mentioned the following: “Besides from having really hard roads, there’s a very important subject, height. We usually race at sea level, but in Vicuña it’s different, this has a negative effect on engines.”

“Vicuña is a complicated round, it’s also very important since it’s held halfway through the championship, so regarding points addition and championship development it’s a key one. We must get there with well prepared cars because it’s a long race and with remote fitting,” driver Ramón Ibarra declared.

It all begins on Friday August 1st with a night stage, which shall make this round a special race from the start. We will be soon giving you all the information about roads, Service Park and schedule on this site and through social media.

See you on the road!