Usually we pay attention to how fast a driver can be, or to his competition car’s capacity, finding these qualities the most important ones when talking about good results in a race. It’s a fact: the quickest wins; yet the proper management of the accelerator is nothing without good braking techniques, for both skidding and keeping the car within the path line.

Many international drivers have been growing into their balance techniques upon both pedals along the years. It’s not the same thing on asphalt as on gravel, nor it is on snow.

At the beginning of the century a driver named Sébastien Loeb appeared in the international scene, showing a new driving style at the rallies. According to Finn driver Jari Matti Latvala, the French achieved to develop a unique way of leading his car through the road.

“Formerly, you slowed down before entering a gravel curve; you would put the car on a little angle, you made sure it began to turn and, then, you did a proper skid (with the accelerator). Today, you brake on the straight (not on the curve) and, then, you control the skid with the accelerator to have more control over the back of the car,” the Finn assured to redbull.com.

He also said that thanks to this evolution rally is less aggressive than it used to be and that “it was Loeb and Citröen who created this style. With this technique they changed the way of competing in rallies, 11 or 12 years ago. It was then that the concept of rally began to change: It passed from an aggressive way of driving to a more soft and effective one, in other words, the same method used at a race track.”

This balance seems to be now-a-days a major concern when competing. Examples abound of drivers who have learned this across time and reached better results, realizing that speed with no control is useless.

There are very complex roads at RallyMobil and sometimes the mission of staying inside the road throughout the race can be a great challenge, so braking at the right moment is key for the chances of getting good results. “I rather like to keep my right foot on the accelerator and the left between the brake and the clutch, although you don’t use the cluth much at R categories. Regarding the technique, I don’t know much what other drivers do, but there are some who slow down before the curves and others who brake and accelerate at the same time so that the car won’t block,” tells Emilio Fernández, R2 and WRC Junior driver.

Remember we are only two weeks away from the fifth round of RallyMobil Championship; the race will take place in Curicó on August 31 and September 1 and 2.