Several elements combine at a good race development, and even when the driver’s performance is usually the one that is highlighted the most, the co-driver’s is equally important for the crew’s achievements. José “Pepe” Díaz, Alberto Heller’s co-driver, pulled off an outstanding job at Frutillar, and together they reached a precious third place at the gruelling roads of the Los Lagos Region.

“Beto” Heller has shown to have a natural gift for this activity, however, at his young age he still needs to polish some details, so his co-driver has been key at carrying this out. Beyond his notes’ reading, Díaz has proved to be a real contribution at Heller’s progress and control over his Ford Fiesta R5. We saw him get a high speed some weeks ago at his WRC experience in Córdoba, Argentina, where he had to retire after a violent roll-over. He also pulled off two very fast rounds in Chile, but also went through some setbacks that moved him away from the leading positions.

The duo finished the first stage, Cau Cau – Ñapeco (15.4 km), at a promising fourth place, only 13.5 seconds away from Alejandro Cancio, who until that moment stepped at the third place. But right at the second stage, Yerbas Buenas – Trompetilla (13.55 km), it reached third place, announcing podium times for the round.

Special stage 3, Trompetilla – Pato Dos (23,1 km), was the most positive section for both, since they attained second position at only 5.5 seconds from multichampion Jorge Martínez. They started by setting an agressive pace, but keeping it under control. Beto Heller has demonstrated such a good pace at WRC (Córdoba, Argentina), and at the RallyMobil Championship too; but he is young, there is still plenty to learn and we are sure about his next fight for the heading positions next to his experienced co-driver José Díaz.