We knew the arrival of the R5 category at RallyMobil Championship would get all of the attention, for its power and spectacle. This series’ performance in every round has given a nice bit of thrill to the fans and experts as well, and the truth is their duos have displayed the enormous potential these machines have.

The main series of RallyMobil currently features nine duos, which have been imporving, little by little, their Chilean roads appearances. Ever since the Candidate Event, our championship has, for the first time, an international role and a challenge that the organization is undergoing, of making Chile host of a World Rally Championship round in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This new category has brought a relevant and positive impact to Chile’s application to WRC, since it has allowed RallyMobil to demonstrate it can be a fit host for a world round. The safety systems, production management on field and upon television and social media broadcasting, and the whole deployment of human resources, month to month, turns Chile into a proper set and gives it the chance to bring WRC to another of its South American races.

Two weeks away from the start of the fifth round, which will take place in Curicó, the Overall heats up at the fight for the podium and its main figures are the Joker Rally Team brothers, Pedro and Alberto Heller, their team mate Jorge Martínez and the Conveyor Belt Team drivers Alejandro Cancio and Cristóbal Vidaurre.


Pedro Heller / Pablo Olmos 79
Jorge Martínez / Alberto Álvarez 76
Alberto Heller / José Díaz 57
Alejandro Cancio / Santiago García 42
Cristóbal Vidaurre / Rubén García 42
Benjamín Israel / Marcelo Der Ohanessian 28
Francisco López / Nicolás Levalle 25
Luis Ignacio Rosselot / Marcelo Brizzio 24
Felipe Rossi / Luis Allende 16

The next trophy, in Curicó, will certainly be a key round for the 2018 title applicants. Remember the race starts on August 31 and continues on September 1 and 2.

See you on the road!