On Tuesday, December 4, M-Sport Poland officially introduced the new Ford Fiesta RT2, a machine that aims to reach higher than its last generation’s version. This is the one to be drived by the competitors of JWRC in season 2019, starting at Rally Sweden in mid-February. The new Fiesta was tested by Nil Solans and will be homologated within the coming weeks.

This Fiesta R2T, just like the WRC Fiesta driven by Malcolm Wilson’s men in its main category, is based in the new generation of the regular street Ford Fiesta. Of course, it looks a bit more like it, but it continues to be absolutely competitive, to beat R2 rivals such as the Peugeot 208 R2 or the Opel Adam R2.   

The bodywork is based on the three-door model (3 cm wider than the preceding car) which gives it a more aggressive standing, along with greater stability. The suspension arms are also different and the chassis has been based on the new car and engineered by M-Sport Polonia to turn it into a competition fireball.

The three-cylinder engine 1,0 EcoBoost is capable of up to 200 HP, so it has an advantage over the late Fiesta R2T and over its opponents as well, Peugeot and Opel, which have a four-cylinder 1,6 engine. It has a Sadev five-speed sequential gearbox with three ramps. The Reiger shock absorbers (same supplier of the Ford Fiesta R5) have three different adjustments for the front wheels and two for the rear suspension.

The power aspect can be seen right from the get-go in R2, so, this plus the development in suspension matters will result in a much more competitive car. The turbo has a bigger size and there’s no turbo lag now compared to the previous car. Nil Solans – Junior, and WRC3 champion in 2017 in the Fiesta R2T of that time –  has participated at the testings and on the development of the new model.