Vicente Israel, Monster Procircuit Rally Team dirver, is one of the four candidates to seize the national R3 title, also seeked by his cousin Samuel Israel, Emilio Rosselot and Ramón Ibarra. The Pichilemu trophy is vital for all four of the candidates to the championship crown and Vicente is one of them as he waits optimistic for this crucial event.

“My aspirations are big and the chances are there for me because the difference against my cousin Samuel is of six points and against Emilio Rosselot is smaller as he is ahead of me by only three. Something that is possible to narrow down this weekend.”

Will there be any strategy?

“We’ve talked about it within the team and it will be that each of us will worry about our own personal performance. It will all depend on ourselves, on the results be obtain and the way to the title, which is my main target, will be to win.”

Will we have a champion this weekend?

“Chances are that it will all sort itself out at the Motorshow, yet we can´t possibly tell, a lot can happen during competition. We’ll have to wait.”

What do you expect from Pichilemu?

“I quite like the Pichilemu roads, for its floors and mostly that they’re wider than they were in the past races. This allows you to risk a little more, since on narrow roads any mistake might complicate things for you, with consequences such as being sidelined or damaging the car.”

Have you practiced already?

“Just a little in France where I was testingthe new Citröen C3 R5, we will participate there next year and we’ve already planned a test for Wednesday, which will be fundamental to see what state the cars are in and loosen the hand alomg no more than 30 or a little more kilometers.”

Is the team growing for 2019?

“We have plans for Benjamín, Samuel and I to participate in the R5 class with the Citröen C3 and my sister Fernanda’s case would be making up an additional team for her to participate in the Skoda R2, in which Samuel intervened a couple of seasons ago.”