A privileged see view was the perfect scene for the traditional press point that kicked off a new RallyMobil Championship round. This time the authorities who attended the conference were Pichilemu’s Deputy Mayor, Dante Cornejo, Sofía Yabar, representing the Cardenal Caro Province governor, and Ítalo Roco, 3rd Police Station of Pichilemu Marshal. They were in charge of conducting the event, along with reknown drivers Benjamín Israel (R5) and Martín Scuncio (R2).

The master of ceremony was Clerk of the Course Kurt Horta, who thanked the constant support from Caranineros de Chile (National Police) and local authorities for the implementation of this race’s third consecutive release: “We’re pleased to be in Pichilemu again;they have collaborated with us at every time to make this round a reality once more.”

Authorities also thanked the presence of RallyMobil’s organization staff at the commune, since the event’s positive impact serves to put on the map this city, recognized and admired worldwide for its surf, but which shall now witness speed and adrenaline brought by the best exponents of Chile’s most important motorsport. “Pichilemu has the honour to receive this event and we also want to specially congratulate you for being part of the World Rally Championship Calendar, which makes us proud of havign you with us,” Dante Cornejo stated.