A few days before the next Rally Mobil event, the Rosselot team, led by its driver Luis Ignacio Rosselot, has officially launched the new Mitsubishi Mirage R-5, to seek for success during this 2018. The car, which unlike other years was not adapted to an existent model, is a prototype exclusively created for this sort of competition, and was brought from Sweden some days ago.

Even Swedish engineer Tomas Weng was present, and participated on its test stage to show the
technical aspects of fucntioning and mantainance, The Mirage R5 launching was held at Rosselot´s car shop. This is a four wheel drive car, has 280 HP, a 1.6 turbo engine, a sequential gear box and it weighs
about 1240 kilos, colored in the team’s red, white and black. The six times Rally Mobil champion, Luis Ignacio Rosselot, is back after a one year absence, to accomplish a big wish by making a debut at the R5 world series. He
states that “The whole time since the R3 has begun and now that I know that the R5 was coming, always my aspiration was to be there. I was pretty insistent with my father to find the way to adapt the Mitsubishi in order to participate, until we found this Mirage at Sweden, a dream come true for me now. To be at the class where the best drivers are, and with Mistsubishi, my all time brand, really encourages me and makes me proud.”