Monster Procircuit Rally Team completed a victorious day with Samuel Israel’s triumph in R3 category, who was trailed by his cousin Vicente, while Benjamín, in an outstanding performance, finished second in the R5 series, national rally’s highest.

The three members of the team delivered a great performance shinning in the two major categories of the Chilean contest and, on a spectacular ending, put on hold the R3 champion definition, which shall be settled at the Motorshow, on December 14 and 15. Samuel and Vicente, the two main exponents of their class, still fight for the title. In R5, Benjamín strived until the end to push Jorge Martínez from the second place and get behind Alberto Heller, who became the winner of this competition.

Samuel is very satisfied with the job he’s done, he pointed out that he had fulfilled the plan he made to face this key day. Without making any mistakes, together with his co-driver Nicolás García they managed to get over the attacks from the driver from Viña del Mar, Emilio Rosselot, to then face his cousin Vicente, who, along with Matás Ramos, through a solid work, handled things so as to postpone the celebration for them. By winning over the second day and prevail at the Power Stage, this duo extended the new champion definition by leaving a gap of only 6 points while there are still 10 remaining points to be disputed.

Samuel wants to walk away from R3 with a national title and head towards his new path in R5 next year in the new Citröen C3. Vicente forced a definition with his work, sepecially the one he did today. He’s confident about having something to say in spite of standing six points below, which is why he’ll work to close the gap. He believes the action he delivered was a more constant one, which showed a maturity that meant a performance almost without any big mistakes. He sees a major breakthrough in this new state, since he wants to arrive at the main class wearing the champion crown, which he can attain through the constant work he’s been carrying out, which has turned into the security and the driving improvement that will take him to go for the title.

Benjamín took a big step forward during the weekend. The winner of the two previous rallies was close to reaching his third consecutive victory, in Pichilemu. He fought hand in hand with Alberto Heller, snatching Jorge Martínez´s place and leaving the first R5 champion Pedro Heller on fourth position, who, just like his brother Alberto, participates in Rally Australia in WRC. This performance puts Benjamín among the national figures as he leaves behind R3 national champion Cristóbal Vidaurre, and also Argentinian championship runner up Alejandro Cancio and Francisco “Chaleco” López, who wasn’t able to finish the rally since he damaged some vital pieces of his car.