The week after a RallyMobil Championship round is usually an intense one, both in race analysis and in remembering its most important milestones. But time goes by as fast as the cars that amaze us and takes us to think about the next stop: Vicuña.

After three rounds, two in the Biobío Region, Concepción and Los Ángeles, and one at Los Lagos, Frutillar, we move to the north of Chile, expecting to see how the different championship categories overcome the tough roads of Coquimbo Region. On a matter of natural conditions, the north gives another experience to the competitors: heat and special roads. It might not be one of the hardest rounds, yet there are plenty of elements which affect the race development of the duos. The winner of Vicuña 2017, Conveyor Belt driver Cristóbal Vidaurre, said then about success: “It was harder than usual to win this time. I was injured when I got to the race, but fortunately could get over it. Though I’m leading now, my co-driver Rubén García and I will keep on fighting for a new championship, it won’t be easy though.” 

The other Vicuña 2017 winners were: Manuel Brito on R3 Lite, Joaquín Ruiz de Loyzaga on R2, Martín Etcheverry on R2 Lite and Franco Illino on N3. But this year’s outlook has been and will be very different with the R5 category’s arrival, so we will see if these drivers reach the podium again at the northern city. Besides, Vicuña 2017 was raced on the eve of spring, so there was a nighttime Super Special. Would you like to have a new night special this time?

See you on the road!