Tirso Gonzalo, now ex N3 driver, bought a few days ago a Ford Fiesra R2, aiming to drive for such category in 2019. The decision came, in one way, from the experienced driver’s natural carreer evolution, and also from the fact that the series he currently belongs to won’t be a part of RallyMobil Championship from next year on.

“I got a Ford Fiesta R2 from Pedro Kauak and the truth is it’s in wonderful conditions and I’m thrilled. It’s much more gentle, it goes faster, the gearbox, I mean… It’s many differences that are making me happy,” says a Tirso who hasn’t had a good year so far with the Suzuki N3.

And even though he assures he’s fond of his Suzuki, he had nothing but trouble with it during season 2018. Several drop-outs, slips and mechanical issues left Tirso Gonzalo at the end of the standings of a category that says good bye to the most important motorsport competition in Chile.

He had the chance to practice next to Francisco “Chaleco” López this week, and he’s sure about the big gap between them. “I hope I get used to the car next year, and, of course, I’m thinking on being part of the Concepción WRC round,” he states. Another one who owns similar expectations is Tirso’s friend and colleague Luis Martínez, who recently acquired an Opel Adam R2. They both might make up a team, with the help of their company, maybe together with another Ford that competes in the same series.