R3 had an unchallenged leader in Curicó: Emilio Rosselot, who, together with his co-driver Tomás Cañete conquered the lands of Maule Region, with a stunning speed and an excellent pacenotes reading.

Tomás Cañete is the outstanding co-driver of RallyMobil Champonship’s fifth round, thanks to his strong work at the right of his driver. He managed to keep Emilio at a constant and competitive pace from the first sections on, where they both strived to snatch Samuel Israel’s first postion. 10.5 seconds made the difference at the first section (14,39 km) versus the Monster Procircuit Rally Team driver, and later, on the second one (15.41 km), they closed the gap to 5.4 seconds.

Then came the first long-distance special stage of the race, Santo Domingo – Astillero (25.66 km), where Cañete showed to be one of the day’s main figures. He was cautious in Condell Hill and went back full throttle to the rest of the day’s stages, to be the winner as he attained a 2 minues and 4 seconds distance from Ramón Ibarra.

His rival on Sunday was Vicente Israel, who put up the fight to add up as much points as he could, nevertheless, Rosselot and Cañete knew they didn’t need to risk any more than they should have. Actually, they let duo Israel – Ramos take the Power Stage.

Team work was essential and, as we’ve already said, companionship within the crew of car 29 is obvious. Cañete’s role in Curicó was key for Rosselot to remain inside the rally lead, and guided him to the first place smoothly. It was a complete day for these two, as they overtook their competitors with a time of 1 hour, 55 minutes and 6 seconds.

Congratulations Tomás!