Outstanding co-driver Joaquín Riquelme had a new day in Biobío Region in his “School of Co-Drivers”, to enhance the rally in our country.

In Yumbel, twelve students – eleven men and a woman – came together to learn details about such an important task at the development of these motor sport competitions. The only female participant was Nataly Chávez.

The course lasted for two very intense days and the attendees had a first day focusing on theory and then a second one for practical issues, in three N3 cars run by Javier Fuentes de Chilla, Rodrigo Valdivia and Felipe Arenas.

The students were able to become familiar with the roadbook, time controls, rules, basic safety functions, racing strategies and pace note taking.

On previous versions of this co-driving course, champions Javiera Román and Francisco Faúndez participated. Its organizer highlighted the great interest shown at the region and the experience these attendees brought to the lessons, as they use alternatives to rally races in our country.