12 days away from the Motorshow, we begin to look forward to it and think on what this special round will be like, as on this occasion R3 and R5 categories will be settled. But that’s not the only thing going on that day, there’s plenty of other new features regarding international drivers who have shown their interest in racing at Parque Motro Lagua Carén (Carén Lagoon Motor Park). We’re talking about two peruvian drivers who’s names are already on the R3 start list. Alfredo Neuhaus and Kurt Zoeger will land in Chile to become part of this true motor sport party.

On the Pihilemu trophy we had the visit of Ricardo Flores and Alfredo Neuhaus, who tested an aspirated Renault Clio that Javier “Chanfa” Muñoz lent them, on the racetrack of Curacaví the following Monday. To the recently past round also came Ian Sierlecki, who will also join the Peruvian squad that will nurture RallyMobil in 2019. Of all these names, the ones that have been confirmed are Alfredo Neuhaus with his co-driver Oswaldo Carbone and Kurt Zoeger with Ricardo Dasso.

Chile’s inclusion to the World Rally Championship official calendar has been a key factor in the international interest in joining our championship, which will certainly grow the competition and the teams’ level.

See you at the Motorshow!