Little time is left for RallyMobil Championship’s fourth round to open, only one day, and it’s all set to enjoy the amazing cars’ speed that liven up every race in different places across Chile. 31 duos are lined up for Vicuña 2018; a really tight competition is expected as we approach the halfway point in this year’s RallyMobil season.

The fight for the title gets more exciting and as we move closer toward the begining of this new race more adrenaline is felt in the air. The couples know this is a key round, they cannot fail, nor can they lose any points at this time, this is why Vicuña is so special.

A lot has been said about how tricky the Northern routes are, also on tires and of conjuction within speed and control. These and many other sports and technical aspects become main elements in relation to planning, therefore paying attention to every single detail on the Valle del Elqui roads is of the utmost importance.

We will be broadcasting as usual during the race and on Sunday through TVN and Fox Sports. Schedules will be announced first thing tomorrow on our web site and on social media.

See you on the road!